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NLMD5820: Audio Amplifier/Analog Switch Module

Datasheet: 2.65 W Filterless Class-D Audio Amplifier with Integrated Dual SPST Switch
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The NLMD5820 is an integrated mono Class D audio power amplifier and dual SPST switch capable of delivering 2.65 W of continuous average power to 4.0 ohms from a 5.0 V supply in a Bridge Tied Load (BTL) configuration. Under the same conditions, the output power stage can provide 1.4 W to a 8.0 ohms BTL load with less than 1% THD+N. For cellular handsets or PDAs it offers space and cost savings because no output filter is required when using inductive transducers. The NLMD5820 incorporates a dual SPST switch which allows signals to bypass the amplifier. The integrated switch operates off a separate supply voltage and maintains a very low RON resistance, 0.5 ohms max at 2.8 V Vcc. The NLMD5820 processes analog inputs with a pulse width modulation technique that lowers output noise and THD when compared to a conventional sigma delta modulator. The device allows independent gain while summing signals from various audio sources. Thus, in cellular handsets, the earpiece, the loudspeaker and even the melody ringer can be driven with a single NLMD5820. Due to its low 42uV noise floor, A weighted, clean listening is guaranteed no matter the load sensitivity.
  • Optimized PWM Output Stage: Filterless Capability
  • Efficiency up to 90%Low 2.5 mA Typical Quiescent Current
  • Large Output Power Capability: 1.4 W with 8.0 ohm Load (CSP) andTHD + N < 1%
  • High Performance, THD+N of 0.03% @ Vp = 5.0 V,RL = 8.0 ohm, Pout = 100 mW
  • Excellent PSRR (-65 dB): No Need for Voltage Regulation
  • Fully Differential Design. Eliminates Two Input Coupling Capacitors
  • Very Fast Turn On/Off Times with Advanced Rising and FallingGain Technique
  • External Gain Configuration Capability
  • Internally Generated 250 kHz Switching Frequency
  • Short Circuit Protection Circuitry
  • Pop and Click Noise Protection Circuitry
Applications   End Products
  • Audio Amplification
  • Mobile Phones
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Audio Amplifier/Analog Switch Module UDFN-16 517AL 1 Tape and Reel 3000  
Moisture Sensitivity level (MSL) for surface mount devices (lead free measured at 260°C reflow, non lead free at 235°C reflow)
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