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NCP5680: High Power Charge Pump LED Driver (with Supercaps)

Datasheet: NCP5680 Data Sheet
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Product Overview
Product Description
The NCP5680 product is a high power charge pump driver dedicated to the recycling of a large Super Cap capacitor. The built-in dc-dc converter is based on a high efficient charge pump structure with 1x, 1.5x and 2x operating modes. It supports double power flash LED and torch operation. The controller is designed to properly drive a large external NMOS device with accurate control of the peak current flowing into the LED. Also, the chip includes open load and overload detection circuits to protect the system against faults at Vout or LED level.
Features   Benefits
  • 2.7 to 5.5 V input voltage range
  • Operate over the full standard Li-ion battery supply
  • Dual power flash LED capability
  • Support high power LED flash
  • Integrated overload protection
  • Avoid damage due to overload operation
  • Selectable Flash/Torch mode of operation
  • Supports either the power flash or the video mode of operation
  • Programmable SuperCAP re-cycling current
  • Optimize the re-cycling time and the battery usage
  • Capable to share the DC voltage to supply peripheral circuits
  • Simultaneously supports the LED functions (flash and/or video) and an extra peripheral
  • Indicator LED function
  • Low power indicator associated to the legal video function
  • Integrated photo sense function
  • Help to save energy consumed from the battery
  • Support camera strobe
  • Provides a direct access to the flash function with no software latency
  • Built-in short circuit protection
  • Prevents any damage in case of short circuit either to Vout or to ground
  • Selectable flash time out safety timing
  • Support any special timing required by the application
  • Support external NMOS up to 10 A load capability
  • Capability to replace xenon flash tube
  • Embedded SuperCAP Vbias
  • Maintain constant voltage balance across the superCAP cells
  • Fully I2C protocol compliant
  • Provides a full programmability of each bit associated to all the embedded registers
  • Support GSM synchronization
  • Avoid RFI issue when a flash sequence takes place
  • Built-in LED test function
  • Makes sure that all LEDs are functional before (or during) a flash/video sequence
  • Quad LED drive extension possible
  • Provides a wide range of power flash applications
Applications   End Products
  • Cellular phone photo flash
  • Digital cellular phone camera photo flash
  • Mobile phone
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Halide free
High Power Charge Pump LED Driver (with Supercaps) UQFN-24 523AG 1 Tape and Reel 3000  
Moisture Sensitivity level (MSL) for surface mount devices (lead free measured at 260°C reflow, non lead free at 235°C reflow)
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