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LC89052TA: Digital Audio Interface Receiver

Datasheet: Digital Audio Interface Receiver
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The LC89052TA-E is an audio LSI that demodulates according to the data format for the data transferred between digital audio devices via the IEC 60958/61937 and EIAJ CP-1201. It supports sampling frequencies of up to 192kHz and output data lengths up to 28 bits. Despite it is compact and made in a low cost, the LC89052TA-E includes a built-in oscillator and serial data input circuits and allows the system microcontroller to read the sub-code Q data and channel status. It supports low-power modes that allow low-voltage operation. It also supports a lower power mode, which is suitable for application that requires long battery life, such as cell phones, PDAs, and portable audio devices.
  • Incorporates a built-in PLL circuit to synchronize with transferred bi-phase mark signal.
  • Can receive input with sampling frequencies of 32kHz to 192kHz.
  • Can set the upper limit of sampling frequency of received data.
  • Can receive input data of specific sampling frequencies.
  • Outputs the following clocks: fs, 64fs, 128fs, 256fs, 384fs, and 512fs.
  • Contains a built-in oscillation amplifier that can construct a oscillation circuit. An external clock can be also provided.
  • Outputs an externally input clock signal that can be used as the A/D converter clock when the PLL is unlocked.
  • Maintains the continuity of the output clock when the clock is switched.
  • Equipped with a serial digital audio data input pin that can be configured for a demodulated signal output.
  • Can output up to 28 bits of data, and also supports output of I2S and input NRZ data.
  • Can output bi-phase mark signal synchronized with the 128fs bit clock.
  • Provides an output pin for the channel status bit 1 non-PCM data detection bit.
  • Provides an output pin for the channel status emphasis detection bit.
  • Supports a lower-power mode.
  • Calculates the input signal sampling frequency and outputs it from the microcontroller interface.
  • Can output the first 48 bits of the channel status with the microcontroller interface.
  • Can output the 80-bit sub-code Q data with CRC flags via microcontroller interface.
  • Outputs various state changes as interrupt signals to the microcontroller interface.
  • Equipped with a user definable output port that can be selected from the following functions.
  • Can dispense with un-used microcontroller control.
  • 3.3V single source power supply (Can operate at a minimum voltage of 2.7V.)
  • The TTL input ports can support 5V interface operation.
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