ADT7468: Remote Thermal Controller and Voltage Monitor

Datasheet: Remote Thermal Controller and Voltage Monitor
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The ADT7468 controller is a thermal monitor and multiple PWM fan controller for noise sensitive or power sensitive applications requiring active system cooling. The ADT7468 can drive a fan using either a low or high frequency drive signal, monitor the temperature of up to two remote sensor diodes plus its own internal temperature, and measure and control the speed of up to four fans, so that they operate at the lowest possible speed for minimum acoustic noise.
  • Monitors up to 5 supply voltages
  • Controls and monitors up to 4 fans
  • High and low frequency fan drive signal
  • 1 on-chip and 2 remote temperature sensors
  • Series resistance cancellation on remote channel
  • Extended temp measurement range, up to 191°C
  • Monitors up to 6 processor VID bits
  • Dynamic TMIN control mode optimizes system acoustics intelligently
  • Automatic fan speed control mode controls system cooling based on measured temperature
  • Enhanced acoustic mode dramatically reduces user perception of changing fan speeds
  • Thermal protection feature via THERM output
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