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Global Corporate Giving Grant

ON Semiconductor Grant Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in ON Semiconductor’s philanthropic goals and objectives. Each quarter, ON Semiconductor donates up to $150,000 USD to eligible organizations in the communities in which we operate. Please see below details on our giving priorities, eligibility criteria and information on how to apply.

Our Giving Priorities:

• Environment
• Disaster relief
• Health
• Human services
• Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education

Eligibility Criteria:

ON Semiconductor donates to educational institutions and charitable organizations in the communities in which we operate. The company directs charitable giving to organizations that meet the following eligibility criteria:

• The organization must be an educational institution or have tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code, or the equivalent status as per local, provincial, state or federal laws outside of the U.S.
• The organization must conduct its operations in communities with ON Semiconductor presence
• The organization must align with ON Semiconductor's giving priorities
• The organization must follow local, state and national laws and regulations
• The organization must align with ON Semiconductor's core values of respect, integrity and initiative
The organization must align with ON Semiconductor's anti-discrimination policy

ON Semiconductor does not generally support the following types of organizations:

• Faith-based organizations
• Organizations that are political in nature (advocacy, lobbying endorsing candidates for political office)
• Organizations that are fraternal or a labor union
• Organizations that are trade or business-related
• Organizations that are athletic in nature

How to Apply

Prior to applying to ON Semiconductor's grant program please ensure that your organization meets the company's giving priorities and eligibility criteria.

ON Semiconductor follows a quarterly grant cycle. Information regarding application deadlines and fund disbursement can be found below:

Quarter Application Date Fund Disbursement Timeframe
1 December 29, 2017 March
2 March 30, 2018 June
3 June 29, 2018 September
4 September 28, 2018 December

To apply for a grant, please complete the application

All completed grant applications can be submitted to globalcorporategiving@onsemi.com

Grant Reporting Guidelines

Certain organizations that receive a grant from ON Semiconductor's Global Corporate Giving Program are required to complete grant reporting. The report offers the grantee an opportunity to share their successes and demonstrate the impact of their work in the community. ON Semiconductor also values grant reporting as a means of being transparent and accountable with its corporate philanthropy.

Organizations receiving $10,000 USD or more (or equivalent in local currency) are required to complete interim report(s) every six months until project completion. If the project is completed in less than six months, the grantee will only need to submit a final report. The final grant report must be submitted within 60 days of project completion.

For more details about Interim and Final reports, please click here.

Notifying ON Semiconductor
of Changes

ON Semiconductor must be notified immediately through the Change Notification Form should there be any key changes to grant use. The Change Notification Form must be signed by the grantee and agreed upon by ON Semiconductor. The Change Notification form is applicable in situations including but not limited to:

• The grantee realizes that the purpose of the grant has become impractical
• The grantee is terminated the project for which grant is being used
• The grantee wishes to redirect the purpose of the grant
• The grantee is making changes in the lead personnel for the project

How to Submit Reports &
Change Notification Form

Please submit all Interim and Final Reports as well as Change Notification Forms to globalcorporategiving@onsemi.com

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns please email us at globalcorporategiving@onsemi.com

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