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MatrixCam™ Video Development Kit


The MatrixCam™ video development kit (VDK) is a smart low power, 1080P camera solution that streams video over Wi-Fi and Ethernet. It has been developed specifically to encourage greater video adoption for IoT products, enabling faster time-to-market for IoT developers. Among its key applications are home automation systems, building access devices, baby monitors, advanced lighting controls and smart appliances.

The MatrixCam VDK offers smart streaming capability, with wake-up initiated by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or through the motion-detecting integrated PIR sensor. Upon wake-up, it sends a push notification to an assigned mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) alerting the user that a live stream or a still image is available for viewing. It supports micro SD card slot, and can connect to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, with support for both video-on-demand and live streaming. The VDK can be configured via a simple web-based GUI, or using a dedicated mobile application.

MatrixCam IoT Video Development Kit Flyer

MatrixCam image

MatrixCam image

Ordering Information

Product Status Compliance Short Description Parts Used Action
AR023ZMCSC00SUEAR-GEVK Active Reference Board for Smart 1080P video streaming device over Wi-Fi and Ethernet AR023Z, NCP3064, NCP6332-D, NCP160-D, MAX708T, LC709201F, NCP1855-D

Key Features

Application Processor:
Image Sensor Specification:

Wireless Connectivity:

Wi-Fi Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Lens Specification:
USB Connector (Micro USB):
Real time clock: