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Foundry Customer Service

Customer service and satisfaction are key. It's refreshing to do business with us and experience the value of working with our full service foundry for worldwide support, extraordinary cost savings, fast time-to-market, and excellent customer service.

Technical Information

To determine the right process for a design, visit the foundry process technologies section, then go to the MyON Web site for the appropriate design kit(s). For additional assistance, contact your local sales representative.

Request a Quote

Your local sales representative will help to determine and document the necessary information for your project including name, end product, expected volumes, target price, and technology. The project needs will then be forwarded to our marketing group for generation of a formal quote.

Customer Setup

With our worldwide sales presence, it's easy to work with us. Contact the sales office nearest you to complete the customer set-up sheet, credit application and brief company profile. Once established as a customer, the project will move forward quickly and easily.

Project Kick-off

Needed prior to starting the project

  1. Geometric database (GDSII)
  2. A foundry start package is intended as an aid to both the foundry customer and us in preparing for receipt of design and test data. The information provided by the foundry customer gives us the basic instructions to begin the development task in foundry.
  3. Purchase order

Once we receive these items, the project is assigned to a development customer service representative (CSR)/project manager who reviews the information and creates a work statement to begin the project. The information is then sent to the data prep/reticle generation group for design rule checks and device layout. After confirming the design rules are correct, reticles will be ordered. Project kick-off typically requires 1-2 weeks.

Data Format

Data formats accepted include any format in GDSII or OASIS data. Data transfers are done electronically through FTP but we also accept graphical data files attached to an email.

We supply GDS stream format data for cell graphical data representation.

Transferring Your Product to Production

Once the project evaluation is complete, the foundry development CSR will work with the customer to complete the prototype approval form and officially transfer the product from engineering to production.