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Multi-Project Support

We are affiliated with two "multi-project houses" - MOSIS and Europractice. Both provide low-cost prototyping and small-volume production services for VLSI circuit development. Mask generation, wafer fabrication and device packaging can be contracted through MOSIS and Europractice to us.

MOSIS and Europractice keep the cost of fabricating prototype quantities low by aggregating multiple designs onto one mask set. This option provides yet another cost-effective tool for our customers. MOSIS and Europractice have certified us as a qualified foundry supplier. A variety of both foundry-specific and vendor-independent CAD tools, design kits and libraries may be used to prepare your design. Reticles with multi-chip designs are sent to us, processed on a routine schedule and the device's function and performance results are provided to the customer.

Fab process performance is reviewed routinely by the multi-project houses. Special test chips are included on every reticle to monitor wafer fab performance.

This multi-project approach is a cost-effective and efficient technique for the new project developer and the low volume user. When project volumes increase, GDSII data can be forwarded to our foundries for a cost effective production run.