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Foundry Process Longevity

ON Semiconductor's philosophy for process longevity means we keep needed processes around to accommodate your long-term needs. We are committed to supporting long-life products and are dedicated to building long-term relationships. Supporting this is the company's financial strength and commitment to effective use of resources. As a result, our customers have the confidence to make long-term product decisions without the concern of process obsolescence.

Flexible Manufacturing

  • Wide variety of standard CMOS, BCD and high voltage process offerings
  • Flexible manufacturing available (process modifications, lot splits, etc.)
  • Multiple fab strategy with dual sourcing possible
  • Specialty services such as advanced die stitching, shuttle services for prototyping in 0.25 μm and 0.18 μm technologies
  • Low volume strategic engagements
  • Partial fab processing, and assembly and test services

Our commitment to long-term technology support and a wide range of process offerings enable our customers to provide the highest quality end products at the most cost effective rate.