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Circuit Protection for eFuse: Electronic Fuses

Electronic fuses, also known as circuit-breakers, load-switches or hot-swap controllers support the hot-plugging of electronic boards into sockets by limiting inrush currents during the hot-plug operation. The eFuse is resettable either through the toggling of an EN pin in the "latch" version or automatically in the "auto-retry" version. Applications include telecom switches, routers, backplanes of enterprise-server systems, enterprise storage systems and hard-disk drive (HDD) systems. The routing example shown below applies to the standard SATA-power connector commonly found in HDDs and solid-state drives (SSDs).

Part Input Voltage [V] Output Clamping Voltage [V] ITRIP
Trip Current [A]
RDSON [mΩ] Auto Recovery
Latching option Package
NIS5112 -0.6 to 18 15 2.5 (adjustable) 28 Yes Yes SOIC-8
NIS5132 -0.6 to 18 15 3.5 (adjustable) 44 Yes Yes DFN-10
NIS5135 -0.6 to 18 6.65 3.5 (adjustable) 68 Yes Yes DFN-10
NIS2205 -0.6 to 18 6.65 2.5 (fixed) 100 Yes No DFN-10, TSOP-6


Typical feature set for eFuse

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Typical feature set for eFuse

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