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Energy Efficient Innovations

Corporate Social Responsibility
at ON Semiconductor

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at ON Semiconductor is deeply rooted in our core values of integrity,
respect and initiative and our Code of Business Conduct. We provide our customers around the globe with
a broad portfolio of innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly semiconductor solutions technologies.

Social Responsibility Tree graphic To positively impact the LIVES of
every person on the planet, we will create
the innovative, energy saving,
silicon-based technology necessary to
ensure that tomorrow’s electronics
operate with remarkably improved

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) logo
ON Semiconductor belongs to a number of organizations and initiatives focused on technological advances in sustainable energy,
power conversation and corporate responsibility. One of these is the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). As a full member of the RBA, we embrace the RBA Code of Conduct and have incorporated these tenets into our facility and supplier programs. Additionally, we work collaboratively with our suppliers to encourage their compliance with the RBA’s Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) and other supply chain initiatives.

Our Commitments

Social Responsibility Statement
Conflict Minerals Policy
Conflict Minerals Report
Rare Earth Mineral Position
Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Statement

CSR Reports

2016 CSR Report photo Respect photo 2015 CSR Report photo Respect photo 2013 CSR Report photo 2012 CSR Report photo
2016 CSR Report &
Global Reporting Initiative Content Index
2015 CSR Report &
Global Reporting Initiative Content Index
2013 CSR Report 2012 CSR Report

Our Core Values:
Respect, Integrity and Initiative

We are a performance based company committed to profitable growth, world-class operating results,
benchmark quality and delivery of superior customer and shareholder value.

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We treat each other with dignity and respect. We share information and encourage divergent viewpoints in an open and honest environment. We draw out the best in each other recognizing that diversity of backgrounds and experience are key strengths. We say what we mean and are accountable for delivering our commitments on time. We address issues in an objective, fact based and constructive fashion without fear of reprisal. When a decision has been made we all execute to support it. We comply with all legal requirements and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct. We take informed risks while making data based decisions. If a problem exists we are individually responsible to see it through to rapid resolution. We value people who demonstrate a positive, “can-do” attitude, while collaborating to win. We work smart and with a sense of urgency. We all win when we support each other by placing the success of the company above individual interests

Compliance and Ethics

ON Semiconductor is dedicated to maintaining high ethical business standards with our employees,
customers and other stakeholders. In living up to ON Semiconductor’s core values, we constantly encourage
all employees and other stakeholders to lead by example. The actions of every employee should reflect an
individual and collective effort to create an ethical work environment for our co-workers and business partners.
For more information on governance at ON Semiconductor and our Code of Business conduct, click here.

Our Performance

In October 2017, ON Semiconductor completed its fourth EcoVadis Assessment to evaluate the company’s CSR initiatives.
ON Semiconductor achieved an overall score of 85 out of 100, giving the company a gold rating.
The score signifies ON Semiconductor’s structure and proactive approach to CSR; engagements,
policies and tangible actions on issues with detailed implementation information; comprehensive CSR reporting on actions
and key performance indicators; and innovative practices and external recognition.
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ON Semiconductor was named World’s Most Ethical Company® in 2016 and 2017 by the Ethisphere Institute,
a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices. Ethisphere and the
World’s Most Ethical Companies designation recognize organizations that align principle with action by working
tirelessly to make integrity part of their corporate DNA. Click here to learn more about ON Semiconductor’s
designation as a World’s Most Ethical Company.
2016/2017 Worlds Most Ethical Company logo

ON Semiconductor was awarded the Best Sustainability Partner Award as a part of Celestica’s 2015 Total Cost
of Ownership (TCOO) Supplier Awards which honors suppliers who provide the best TCOO performance to
Celestica and support the company’s overall business objectives while looking at quality, delivery, price,
flexibility, innovation and technology.

Our Community

Click here to learn more about our involvement in the community

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