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Custom Foundry Services

  • #1 in customer service
  • Shortest span from start of project to production
  • Process longevity provides production lifetimes to match the requirements of the markets we serve
  • High-voltage capability based on a wide selection of mixed-signal processes with up to 100 V capability
  • Process modification flexibility
  • Web based information system
  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Global fab operations

World's Most Experienced Mixed-Signal Foundry

Customer service and satisfaction are paramount. Experienced program managers and development Customer Service Resources (CSR) drive your design through the engineering and prototype stages to ensure the best prototype cycle time in the industry. If you need an expedited turn time, your development CSR will develop a special program for you. Superior service continues in production. A knowledgeable factory-based production CSR and product marketing manager are available to quickly respond to your inquiries and service your immediate needs.

The MyON website enables customers to access our available intellectual property (IP) libraries, review and request legal agreements, monitor product activity, and view associated trend charts.

Global presence ensures accurate and responsive communications with factories in the USA (Pocatello, Idaho and Gresham, Oregon) and Europe (Oudenaarde, Belgium).

Our flexible full-service Custom Foundry business model offers our Foundry customers:

  • Access to our wide range of CMOS, BCD & High Voltage processes
  • Downloadable Design Kits, IP Support
  • Custom Process Installation & Modification
  • Short Loop Processing
  • Highest Stitched Wafer Yields in the Industry

And in addition to unparalleled wafer manufacturing, our FoundryPlusTM approach benefits our Foundry customers with world class backend services:

  • Backside metallization
  • Wafer thinning
  • Wafer sort
  • Packaging
  • Final test

Choose us for:

  • Servicing the needs of the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Consumer marketplaces
  • Trusted Foundry
  • Teams of experts in US and Europe
  • Long-term process support
  • A philosophy and reputation of building long-term partnerships

Technical Support

We provide direct factory technical communications to ensure successful reticle generation, process integration, test development, yield enhancement, and prototype delivery. An experienced group of professionals will quickly turn your geometric data into prototypes in the finished product form you require. Whether your need is for wafers, die or tested package units, we have the streamlined prototype flow needed to keep your development project on schedule.

Custom Foundry Mixed-Signal Platforms

Custom Foundry Mixed-Signal Platforms ONC18: 0.18 µm CMOS Process TechnologyONC18: 0.18 µm CMOS Process TechnologyONC18: 0.18 µm CMOS Process TechnologyONC18: 0.18 µm CMOS Process Technology I2T100 - .7 um Process Technology I2T30 (E): 0.7 um Process Technology C5 0.5 um Process Technology C3/D3: 0.35um Process Technology I3T25: 0.35um Process Technology I3T50: 0.35 um Process Technology I3T80: 0.35 µm Process Technology ONBCD25: 0.25 µm Process Technology ONC25: 0.25 µm Process Technology ONC18: 0.18 µm CMOS Process Technology