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Industrial Applications

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ON Semiconductor provides robust digital ASICs; mixed-signal ASICs; amplifiers & comparators; EMI/RFI filters; interfaces; clock generation; clock & data distribution; EEPROM memory; standard logic; ac-dc controllers and regulators; dc-dc controllers, converters, & regulators; drivers; thermal management; voltage & current management; digital potentiometers; and optical, image, & touch sensors for industrial and smart grid applications.

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Custom ASIC Design and Product Support

ON Semiconductor offers digital ASIC and mixed-signal products; ASIC design services, including hybrid and standard design flows; FPGA-to-ASIC and ASIC-to-ASIC conversion services; and high-voltage custom foundry services. The company provides flexible design interfaces, communications IP, packaging, robust process technology, and process longevity.

Harsh environmental conditions of heat, electrical noise, and high-voltages typical of industrial environments require robust, reliable, high quality semiconductors. ON Semiconductor adheres to industry standards, including ISO/TS16949.

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