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Automotive Applications

ON Semiconductor provides robust, AEC-qualified, PPAP-capable products for automotive applications, including active safety & autonomous driving; vehicle electrification; connectivity; LED lighting; and fuel economy & emissions reduction.

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AEC/PPAP Automotive Process Documentation
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AEC and PPAP Process Documentation

ON Semiconductor offers an extensive portfolio of discrete devices and integrated circuits that have been tested per Automotive Electronic Council (AEC) Q100/Q101. In addition, the company maintains a documented process that provides the methods, procedures, and forms to initiate PPAP submission; prepare the documents required for submission; and document customer approval when required. This process ensures that ON Semiconductor components comply with design specifications, and that customer designs will maintain desired quality levels.

Proven Automotive Capabilities

ON Semiconductor technologies enable complex high-voltage system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for the next generation of 48 V powered automobiles. The company offers a range of technologies that allow high voltage supply up to 100 V, and offers component integration including 8-, 16- and 32-bit embedded microprocessor cores. These technologies serve as the basis for automotive ASIC and application specific standard product (ASSP) solutions for powertrain, safety, body, dashboard, in-vehicle-networking (IVN), sensors, and actuator applications.

Sensor Interfaces

In addition to conditioning, converting, and processing signals from sensor elements, ON Semiconductor sensor interfaces can include temperature sensing, calibration, diagnostics, data retention, and data transmission interface protocols, for automotive applications including:

Low Data Rate Wireless Applications

ON Semiconductor mixed-signal low data rate wireless ASIC technology provides a scalable path for integrating board-level and modular transmitter, receiver and transceiver applications such as:

High-Voltage Interface Designs

ON Semiconductor high-voltage technologies provide the capability to drive actuators; protect circuitry against parasitic signals, like load dump, Schaffner pulses, ESD, or inductive loads; and handle 48 V power in the automotive network.


To support the system-on-chip (SoC) approach, ON Semiconductor offers a dedicated product line and system architects to work with customers to optimize system partitioning. The company's system architects have helped design SoC products for automotive applications including: